Liquid Brick transforms almost any wall...

Our lime based 'Brick Effect Rendering Systems' are a permanent decorative cladding for almost any reasonably smooth, structurally secure vertical surface:

They are a versatile, environmentally friendly alternative to real brickwork, brick slips or other renders, that can be achieved by almost anyone.

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After the render has been applied to the wall, the mortar lines are 'cut' through the top coat to create the brick effect

Our brick effect renders are not just a cost effective alternative for bricks or block-work, but are fantastic stand alone products in their own right, which can be used to enhance older brick and mortar constructions and many other applications.

Now there is no need to re-build a home or garden wall, which while still providing its primary structural function, has aesthetically seen better days.  A simple application of our wall renders can restore it to it's glory days, for a fraction of the cost of a re-build.  You can even change the original colour.

Our brick effect renders need not be used solely to cover up existing aesthetically challenged outside surfaces; it can also be brought inside your home to create faux brick effect finishes to kitchens and living rooms to give that New York loft style contemporary wall finish.

Why use obvious brick effect wallpaper, hard to install brick slips or real bricks to cover up an ugly stone wall if you don't have to.  Click here to read about different ways in which our systems can be used.

Unless you really must use bricks...  Use Liquid Brick, and be your own bricky!

Let your imagination run wild:

Imagine It.  Then Do It!

Daddy's shed becomes Wendy's House!

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Use your imagination with Liquid Brick

Where can it be used:

  • Outside walls

  • Decorative garden walls

  • Inside feature walls

  • Gable ends

  • Fireplaces

  • Garages

  • Sheds

  • Film sets

  • Children's dens

Outdoors, apply it to:

  • Existing bricks

  • Blocks

  • Stone walls

  • Rendering

Indoors, apply it to:

  • Stone walls

  • Brickwork

Download our guide to substrate preparation here